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Manunga Island
Province:  Romblon
12° 08.248N   122° 02.673E
Listed in Gallery:   Island Beach

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Manunga Island is better described as the visible portion of the Manunga reef instead of an island beach. An old "bonsai" sits on top of the rock . The locals refer to the islet as "Manunga May Tubig" because of a small spring on it.

There's no real beach area, only rocks. The western side is great for snorkeling (3-5 meters deep) and I have not observed the visibility to go below 10 meters. There's very little siltation in the area.

The corals around the "rock" are much better than around the Puro marine sanctuary or on the "Mushroom" and are quite healthy... soft and hard. The area is frequented by schools of barracuda and other "big fish" who feed on the resident reef creatures.

Currents around the rock can be moderately strong at times. We never had problems with this but a novice can always use a hook for better control without fighting it out....Diving is best at depths of 10-15 meters. A real fun dive site when currents are "off".

How to get there:

The best way to get to the Mushroom or Manunga dive sites is via the Puro Island Ecology Camp. Jimmy, the boatman, will take you to the sites at very affordable rates. You may also take a scenic boatride aboard SV BEEM .... a cute 15-foot vinta. (see Puro Island Ecology Camp)

Waypoint narrative by: Eric_Punzalan 2005     follow Eric_Punzalan on Facebook



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