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Travel Info Contributions List of Contributors

Your contributions give substance to this website!

We welcome your travel info contributions! This website is where contributors share waypoints (destinations) with each other.

We can feature your destinations

Do you have any destination that you would like us to feature on this website?  This could be any trip or outing you did recently and would like to write about or share some pictures or tips.

If yes, you can email details of your trek and we will try to feature your trek on this website.  Of course, we will give you ALL due credits for your contributions.

Please send us:

  • Your name.
  • Your email address.

And any of the following:

  • Scanned pictures or digital photos: Maximum of 4 photos in JPEG format.  Important: You should be the one who took the photos as we will give credit to you as the photographer, please don't send postcards or photos or images lifted from books, magazines or other copyrighted materials. Please note that the photographer is the one who composed the shot and not necessarily the one who pressed the shutter or the one who owns the camera! :>)
  • Brief or elaborate description of the waypoint (destination).
  • Brief or elaborate narrative of "How to go there"
  • Useful tips and advices specific to the waypoint.
  • Optional memo notes for each of the pictures.
  • GPS waypoint coordinates based on WGS84 datum (if available)
  • GPS track log and routes (if available)
  • Your home page URL (if you have a home page).  As a contributor, we will create a profile page for you and create a link to your home page if you have any.

Other notes:

Much like photos, narratives should be creations of the contributor.   Please do not send articles lifted straight from already-published materials (print or other media), unless, of course, you are the same author of the published material. We allow paraphrasing as it is an accepted form of responsible and credible reportage as long as your reference materials are included at the end of your narrative.

Thank you