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Puro Island Ecology Camp
Province:  Romblon
12° 09.198N   122° 02.527E
Listed in Gallery:   Island Beach

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Puro Island is located approximately 2 kms off the southeastern coast of Tablas, Romblon Province). Access to the island is via a 15-20 minute banca ride from Guinbirayan, a small town on the southeastern shore of Tablas.

The water between Puro and Guinbirayan is shallow with a wide intertidal zone such that one can walk to the island during low tide. This we have done a few times. The 45 to 60-minute walk can be fun and educational if you have the right frame of mind. I advise that you bring rubber booties or beach shoes. The water is very rich in marine life including some sea urchins, big and small. The beachfront is covered with white sand and swimming close to shore may be hindered by the rich intertidal zone (sea grass, molusks, trapped fish etc.)

Although electricity is very much available in Guinbirayan, Puro island is not connected to the power grid and lighting is mainly from kerosene lamps and ?Petromax?. A few (very few) residents have acquired 12-volt Lead-acid batteries for lighting and to run small appliances.

The peace and quite which we valued the most in the island can be attributed, to a large extent , to the absence of commercial power so that despite electric generators being affordable, we refused to bring one.

The conservation projects in Puro1 were the brainchild of friends and business partners Jan-Peter Boehe and Pete Borchers. They acquired about 7 hectares of a beachfront property on the island several years ago and immediately started the conservation projects both on land and water.

I became part of it barely two years ago when Peter Borchers and I became friends and colleagues in the Phil. Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA). Peter offered the ?resort? as a project venue for the squadron but the location and the not-so-straightforward mode of travel to the island kept the projects from moving at a more desirable pace.

How to get there.

Take the Ro-Ro ship (Montenegro Lines) from Batangas Pier bound for Odiongan. We normally leave on a Friday (ETD 5PM). In Odiongan, take a jeepney ride to Guinbirayan or , if you come with your own vehicle, simply drive off. I don?t advise taking a light vehicle. The roads are nicely paved and concreted in many areas but there are portions where I would not take my Corolla.

A high clearance van (i.e. Delica), pickup, SUV or AUV would be more suitable. The drive to Guinbirayan takes 75-90 minutes. You will appreciate this ride more when done at daytime. It is very scenic at many points.

From Guinbirayan, you?ll be picked up by Jimmy, the resort boatman.

Interested parties may coordinate with Rolf Dunder of Lubeca (+63-918-937-4995)

Waypoint narrative by: Eric_Punzalan 2006     follow Eric_Punzalan on Facebook

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Note: Peter Borchers passed away last January 2005 after a powered glider accident in Mindoro. His friends honor his memory by making sure the conservation projects continue.

By: Eric_Punzalan 2005



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