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Vicinity Info
Marco Polo Hotel Davao
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Waypoints within 5km radius of:
Marco Polo Hotel Davao

Commercial Areas
    SM City Davao  (3.4km)    Center on map Display Marker Balloon
Points of Interest
    Puentespina Orchids  (2.4km)    Center on map Display Marker Balloon
Parks Zoos Gardens
    Magsaysay Park Davao  (1.5km)    Center on map Display Marker Balloon
    Crocodile Park  (3.8km)    Center on map Display Marker Balloon
Scenic Views
    Jacks Ridge  (3.3km)    Center on map Display Marker Balloon
Towns / Cities
    Davao City Hall  (0.9km)    Center on map Display Marker Balloon
Note: Distances shown above are radial (straight-line, not road distance) from Marco Polo Hotel Davao

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