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Route(s) to Sarrat Church


Route/Track Table...

The table(s) below lists our recommended route.

A route map based on the recommended route can be plotted by clicking on the link shown below the table.

Also, a route that is automatically calculated by Google Maps is shown at the lower portion of this page.

Distances listed below are actual road or track distances as computed from individual GPS track segments.

Route 1 Via:
Landmark Province Leg
Remarks and
Waypoints along the way
Balintawak Cloverleaf Metro Manila - 0 Route Start Point
clover-nexsct SCTex ExitPampanga75.575 ** from Balintawak Cloverleaf, go 75.5 kms towards NLEX Mabalacat Exit
You will pass by:
- NLEX Meycauayan Exit (10.7 km)
- NLEX Bocaue Exit (18.3 km)
- NLEX Malolos Exit (23.5 km)
- NLEX Sta Rita exit (28.9 km)
- NLEX Pulilan Exit (35.6 km)
- Viaduct (39.1 km)
- NLEX San Fernando Exit (56.4 km)
- Angeles Exit (71.9 km)
- Dau Exit (73.9 km)
then turn at SCTex Exit
nexsct-sctnle SCTex NLEX Toll GatePampanga2.177  
sctnle-sctlpz SCTex La Paz Toll GateTarlac36.0113  
sctlpz-trcx01 Tarlac City junctionTarlac10.8124  
trcx01-geronb Gerona Bypass RoadTarlac13.6138  
geronb-jpniqi Paniqui junctionTarlac8.2146  
jpniqi-moncd MoncadaTarlac7.7153 Will pass by:
- Watermelon Vendors (5.2 km)
moncd-carmen CarmenPangasinan17.6171  
carmen-vilsis VillasisPangasinan2.0173  
vilsis-jpng01 Urdaneta CrossingPangasinan8.5182 Will pass by:
- Bagoong, Patis, Suka vendors (5.3 km)
jpng01-jpng02 Binalonan junctionPangasinan8.1190 Will pass by:
- Pangasinan State University (1.4 km)
jpng02-jpng03 Pozorrubio junctionPangasinan10.1200 Will pass by:
- Pozorrubio Orchids (9.1 km)
jpng03-jpng04 Sison JunctionPangasinan7.8208  
jpng04-jkenon Kenon Road junctionLa Union5.8213 Will pass by:
- La Union boundary (4.2 km)
jkenon-rsarlu RosarioLa Union2.0215 Will pass by:
- Rosario bypass to Pugo (0.7 km)
rsarlu-dmorts Damortis JunctionLa Union9.7225  
dmorts-agooc Agoo ChurchLa Union10.4235  
agooc-jlun05 Bauang-Naguilian JunctionLa Union23.5259  
jlun05-poropm Poro Point LandmarkLa Union7.8267  
poropm-snfdol San FernandoLa Union2.2269  
snfdol-candnc Candon ChurchIlocos Sur78.2347 Will pass by:
- SE-BAY Beach Resort (5.6 km)
- Bacnotan (15.2 km)
- Balaoan (30.9 km)
- Bangar (39.1 km)
- Bangar Church (39.1 km)
- Bessang pass junction (52.2 km)
candnc-stamrb Sta Maria BeachIlocos Sur19.9367  
stamrb-nrvcnc Narvacan Coral ViewIlocos Sur15.9383  
nrvcnc-vigana Vigan ArchIlocos Sur24.2407  
vigana-mblfry Masingal BelfryIlocos Sur13.1420  
mblfry-cabugc Cabugao ChurchIlocos Sur13.8434  
cabugc-batacc Batac ChurchIlocos Norte37.5472  
batacc-paoayc Paoay ChurchIlocos Norte4.8476  
paoayc-laoagc Laoag ChurchIlocos Norte19.5496  
laoagc-saratc Sarrat ChurchIlocos Norte8.3504  

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Google-calculated route map

Below is a route automatically calculated by Google Maps.
It shows the route from Kilometer Zero, Roxas Boulevard, Manila to Sarrat Church :

If you like to get detailed driving directions from Google, you can view the route directly on Google Maps