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Route(s) to Malibiclibic Falls


Route/Track Table...

The table(s) below lists our recommended route.

A route map based on the recommended route can be plotted by clicking on the link shown below the table.

Also, a route that is automatically calculated by Google Maps is shown at the lower portion of this page.

Distances listed below are actual road or track distances as computed from individual GPS track segments.

Route 1 Via: Aguinaldo Magallanes Junction /
Landmark Province Leg
Remarks and
Waypoints along the way
Makati Shangrila Metro Manila - 0 Route Start Point
mshang-bacoor Bacoor ChurchCavite16.816 * Passes through reclaimed coastal roads
bacoor-tanza TanzaCavite13.530 Will pass by:
- Cavite PEZA (10.2 km)
tanza-jcvt04 Naic - Trece Martires CrossingCavite12.242  
jcvt04-jcvt05 Naic - Indang CrossingCavite1.343 Will pass by:
- Naic Hospital (1.0 km)
jcvt05-jcvt10 Maragondon JunctionCavite5.349 ** from Naic - Indang Crossing, go 5.3 kms towards Ternate junction then turn at Maragondon Junction
jcvt10-mrgndn Maragondon ChurchCavite0.549  
mrgndn-jcvt06 Aguinaldo Magallanes JunctionCavite5.655  
jcvt06-lumipa LumipaCavite7.062  
lumipa-mlblbc Malibiclibic FallsCavite1.964 * unpaved road of 1.5km, hike of 400m

 Route 2 Via: Aguinaldo /
Landmark Province Leg
Remarks and
Waypoints along the way
Makati Shangrila Metro Manila - 0 Route Start Point
mshang-sltcar SLEX Carmona ExitLaguna27.227 ** from Makati Shangrila, go 27.2 kms towards End of South Luzon Tollway
You will pass by:
- SLEX Sucat Exit (12.1 km)
- SLEX Southwoods Exit (26.5 km)
then turn at SLEX Carmona Exit
sltcar-jcvt01 GMA Silang JunctionCavite9.036  
jcvt01-jcvt02 Silang Aguinaldo Highway junctionCavite9.845  
jcvt02-clubcb CalubcobCavite2.048  
clubcb-bnybny Banay BanayCavite2.450  
bnybny-bonicm Bonifacio Capture MonumentCavite3.954  
bonicm-indang Indang ChurchCavite3.057  
indang-tambok Tambo KulitCavite5.062  
tambok-alfons AlfonsoCavite5.267  
alfons-bailen AguinaldoCavite9.677  
bailen-lumipa LumipaCavite2.779  
lumipa-mlblbc Malibiclibic FallsCavite1.981 * unpaved road of 1.5km, hike of 400m

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Google-calculated route map

Below is a route automatically calculated by Google Maps.
It shows the route from Kilometer Zero, Roxas Boulevard, Manila to Malibiclibic Falls :

If you like to get detailed driving directions from Google, you can view the route directly on Google Maps