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Valugan Boulder Beach
Town/City:  Basco
Province:  Batanes
20° 26.150N   121° 59.234E
Listed in Gallery:   Beach

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From the billboard on the shoreline ...
The boulders you find lining the beach are andesite rocks spewed by Mt. Iraya. These rocks are smoothed over time by undulating tides of the Pacific Ocean. The thunder-like knocking sound of the boulders drum rhythms only nature fabricates.

Waypoint narrative by: Cyndy_Coronado 2010     follow Cyndy_Coronado on Facebook

Additional narratives or blogs:
I have seen pebbles of different sizes and colors in the many beaches I have been to, but I have never seen so many boulders strewn along the beach, as the ones in Valugan Boulder Beach. I was so amazed to see really big boulders on the shore. Our guide explained that the boulders are andesite rocks spewed by Mt. Iraya. The rough rocks were polished over time by the tide movement and bashing of strong waves, thus you can touch the smooth surface of the boulder without scratching your hand.

A trip to Valugan Boulder Beach will give you such sensory delight. Your eyes will feast on the beautiful landscape/seascape with Mt. Iraya as background, and your ears will be treated to a unique "symphony" created by the howling wind, roaring waves and moving rocks. You will enjoy doing rock art, and if you are into photography, you will surely love the place.

By: Cyndy_Coronado 2011



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