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Cathedral of Vigan
Town/City:  Vigan City
Province:  Ilocos Sur
17° 34.494N   120° 23.297E
Listed in Gallery:   Old Church

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Also known as St. Paul's Metropolitan Cathedral, the facade features Chinese lion dog ornaments and above the main doorway is an alcove depicting the conversion of St. Paul. The Fu dogs design carved above its outermost doors is testament to Vigan's strong Chinese heritage. Inside, the Cathedral has a main altar with
beaten-silver panels. The first Vigan Cathedral was ordered and built in 1574 by Juan de Salcedo. Another version of the church was again constructed in 1641. The present baroque-style building was completed in
1800. Its bell tower stands separately in Plaza Burgos.

On the east is the Catholic Cathedral of Vigan, the seat of the bishopric of Nueva Segovia. The Vigan Cathedral is unattractive from the outside, but is admired from its interior; it is one of the landmarks of Philippines Catholicism, and the pride of Northern Luzon.

Close to the right of the Cathedral is the Episcopal Palace where the bishop resides. West of this building is the Rosary Academy, the school where the daughters of the Vigan aristocrats study.

Across the street, left of the Cathedral is the Vigan Diocesan Seminary. The building of this more than a century old institution was once the headquarters of the revolutionists. The museum of Natural History of the Seminary is also located in that area. At left of the Seminary are the Periculture Center, and the Vigan Municipal Hall. Across the street, on the west is the Northern Luzon Junior College of the University
of the Philippines.

The park in front of the Cathedral named Plaza Salcedo, in honor of the discoverer of Vigan and the first Spanish Encomendero and surrounded by the most important public and private buildings in the community.

Another Park is the Plaza Burgos where a monument stands to the memory of Vigan's noblest hero, Padre Jose Apolonio Burgos, the martyr of Bagumbayan. The atmosphere of the place has a close similarity to Manila's
walled city, buildings built during Spanish era.

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