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Tubbataha Reef Marine Park
Town/City:  Cuyo
Province:  Palawan
08° 51.067N   119° 55.041E
Listed in Gallery:   Dive & Snorkeling Site

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Located in the middle of the Central Sulu Sea, about 180 kilometres southeast of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan Province in the area between 8? 45'-9? 00'N, 119? 45'-120? 04'E of about 33,000+ hectares.

Established August 11, 1988 under Proclamation No. 306 and also protected under Presidential Decree No. 705 (Forestry Reform Code). Tubbataha Reef Marine Park forms part of the Palawan Biosphere Reserve, which was internationally recognised under UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Programme in 1990. Tubbataha Reef Marine Park was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1993.

Comprises the only two atolls in the Philippine archepelago, North and South Reef, separated by an 8km wide channel.
North Reef is a large, oblong, continuous reef platform about 16km long and 4.5km wide, completely enclosing a sandy lagoon some 24m deep. The most prominent feature is the North Islet which serves as a nesting site for birds and marine turtles. South Reef, is a triangular-shaped reef about 1-2km wide.

Scuba divers / dive shop operators usually charter liveaboard boats in
going to the reefs. The boats leave from the Puerto Princessa port area and takes about 12 hours before reaching the first dive site (Jessie Beazley Reef). After a day or two diving there, the boat then heads to the Tubbataha reefs proper (another 12 hour or so travel). In one of the sites where our boat moored, water was crystal clear such that two
of the divers from our boat jumped right off and took a dip. And in the middle of the ocean at that!

Waypoint narrative by: jasy 2004

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Since 1999 all the islets and sandbars of Tubbataha has been declared off limits to everyone except the ranger staion. No one can approach these closer than 200 meters.

By: Boy_Siojo 2007



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