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Tubahin Beaches
Town/City:  Pagbilao
Province:  Quezon
13° 55.184N   121° 44.463E
Listed in Gallery:   Beach

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Sitio Tubahin in Brgy. Ibabang Polo in Pagbilao Grande Island is a host to nice beaches. At least one was developed into a resort with open cottages/sheds made of nipa and bamboo among its facilities. It is accessible to vehicles through the concreted barangay road, then through an unpaved private road at a distance of approximately 2 km from the junction.

Entrance fee is PhP20 per person. Parking fee is at PhP40. Cottages may be rented at a reasonable rate (it varies). During peak season in summer months, a canteen is put up where beachgoers may order food and drinks. During lean months however, the canteen does not operate but the food may be ordered from the caretaker and is then cooked and shuttled from a restaurant which they also own. Freshwater for bathing is trucked-in and has to be bought also.

Some outdoor lovers however would prefer to enjoy nature in its natural state, i.e., bare and with no facilities. A few minutes walk going farther northwest from the resort (about 500meters more) a longer and wider beach exist. Vehicles may be used but can only only reach part of the way and the rest of the access has to be on foot. But why bother with the long hike when this place is always accessible by boat either from Daungan, Bantigue or Maruhi in Angas Point.

The beach is about 150meters long. Best of all - there are no entrance fees (for now). Trees provide shade against the sun. Everything from tents, mats and other gears and provisions must be brought in.

A farming family lives in the parcel of land bounded by this beach. Leaving a little amount for clean-up is recommended.

There is no fresh water near the beach, but there are public faucets along the Quipot-Capalos road.

How to get there

The access to Tubahin Beaches is along the Binahaan-Quipot-Capalos Road which is the access road to Pagbilao Coal-Fired Power Plant. This road branches out from the National Highway; hence, part of the narrative for a nearby feature “kwebang Lampas” is reprinted here:

From Pagbilao, just follow the National Highway going to Atimonan. The first Y-junction, a few hundred meters after KM 146 and just infront of Binahaan Elementary School, is the access road to Pagbilao Coal-Fired Power Plant. It is marked by an impressive modern directional sign which looks out of place in a rural setting. So follow that sign which tells you to take the junction to the right. Just a few meters therein will be a railroad crossing without a safety barrier, so stop, look and listen. You will notice that the road's kilometer posts are not related to the ones in the main highway. Be watchful of road humps strategically placed at school zones, barangay centers, pedestrian crossings and dirt road junctions.

The concrete road passes thru Brgy. Binahaan. Then, going across the Spillway over Locohin River will take you thru a winding and rolling road within Brgy. Kanlurang Malicboy. In the vicinity of KM8, you can leave the Island of Luzon without having to fly or to swim, because Quipot Bridge is there to connect Brgy. Kanlurang Malicboy in the Luzon mainland and Brgy. Ilayang Polo in Pagbilao Grande Island.

After driving for about 4km thru the Island, find the Sitio Tubahin marker to your right. Enter the concrete barangay road. After about 1.2km, veering to the right from this road is an unpaved private road which is the access to the resort. After half a kilometer is the entrance to the resort. After a farther 500 meters northwest is the other beach with no entrance fee.

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