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Mt. Talamitam
Province:  Batangas
14° 06.467N   120° 45.600E
Listed in Gallery:   Mountain Peak

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Mt. Talamitan is a minor climb and can easily be reached by bus from manila, just board a bus bound to nasugbu batangas (ex. CROW bus in Edsa, Pasay city). Fare is at about 130 pesos (2007).

Mt. talamitan is officially located at Brangay Kayrilao, Nasugbo Batangas. But the jump off point is located sitio bayabasan, barangay Aga, Nasugbu Batangas. Tell the conductor you will alight at barangay Aga, sampalok intersection (kanto) (they call the intersection sampalok because of the
sampalok tree that used to stand there but was cut down my typhoon Milenyo last

The land marks for sampalok intersection is a small waiting shed made entirely of concrete. Go down the small road, which slopes down and bends left then right and walk for about 200 meters until you see a tree house. That?s the registration area and right across it is the house of mang Nic. The registration fee is 20 pesos per person;
you will be briefed on which trail to take and the appropriate camping grounds on and before the mountain peaks.

The main peak can be reached in 2 hrs from Mang Nic?s house you will pass by 2-foot bridges, which crosses a fresh water creek. When you?re on the mountain?s shoulder be careful to stay on the trail because both sides
of the trail are farms and we don?t want to upset the locals by stepping on their crops. (The mountain?s shoulders are private lands only the peaks are public).

Mang Nic is currently campaigning that Mt. Talamitan and its surrounding areas be an Eco Tourism Area he needs our support in order to preserve and clean the fresh water creek and Mt. Talamitan peak?s.

Waypoint narrative by: Cesar_Modina 2007     follow Cesar_Modina on Facebook



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