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Sungawan Cave
Town/City:  Pagbilao
Province:  Quezon
14° 01.498N   121° 39.926E
Listed in Gallery:   Cave

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The Sungawan Cave got its name probably from its many holes or "windows" - literally "sungawan" - a hole to look through or emerge from.

The cave becomes a picnic spot usually during the lenten season only. Hence, this is a nice place for adventurers who want an uncrowded liesure spot. The water is so cold and relaxing

How to get there?

To find the access to Sungawan Cave, you must take note that the cave is not popularly known by that name among all residents, particularly those living by the roadside. We got that name from the farmer Mang Popoy who lives in a farmhouse near the trail to the cave. The name is even pronounced as "Sung'wan". You may just ask around about "the cave in A?ato" from the residents of Barangays Bigo and A?ato. Residents will gladly instruct you to follow the barangay road which starts near the Barangay Hall of Barangay Bigo. This road is the Bigo-A?ato barangay road. Expect that some residents may use the term "Feeder Road" instead of barangay road.

Barangay Bigo can be reached from Pagbilao by following the Provincial Road northwest going to Tayabas. After approximately 3.5 kilometers from Pagbilao town proper, you should have passed thru the Welcome arch of Barangay Bigo. Upon finding the Barangay Hall to your right, you will also find that the road to the cave and the Barangay Hall are just in one location.

From the provincial road, turn right at the barangay road. The road will pass between the Barangay Hall of Bigo and the ubiquitous basketball court. Go up this road to Barangay A?ato until the road is no longer passable. As of trek time (June 2005), the vehicle-passable road is only up to about 2.8 kilometers from the road start at Bigo. Although 4x4 vehicles may go beyond the 2.8 kilometer mark, it is not recommended as there is no other ideal parking area.

The best transportation to use here are mountain bikes as you can ride farther up to the Bangkatan River. Otherwise, you must leave your vehicle where the road will allow and walk the rest of the way. There are cluster of houses at the reachable part of the road where you may entrust your vehicle to the residents. Meanwhile, a mountain biker would enjoy a further 1.1 km ride which is preferable than walking.

At the point where the trail reaches a rice paddy by the Bangkatan River, mountain bikes may be left at the farmer Mang Popoy's hut (This is only a rest-hut, his farmhouse is the one you should see earlier along the trail). The rest of the way to the cave is a walk along and within the river for about 700 meters.

It would be interesting to know that Bangkatan River water comes from inside the Sungawan Cave. The Bangkatan River will become the Tambak River farther downstream and would wind its way around the eastern and southern outskirts of the Pagbilao town proper.

TIP:   Strong lights or lanterns are a must to enter the cave. A helmet or hard hat is recommended to protect your upper head. As in any other unfamiliar caves, you would need a guide which you can ask from among the residents along the road in Brgy. A?ato.

Waypoint narrative by: GBLontok 2005     follow GBLontok on Facebook



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