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Sumaging Cave
Province:  Mountain Province
17° 03.920N   120° 54.144E
Listed in Gallery:   Cave

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Sumaging Cave is probably one of the most popular caves in Sagada. Aptly nicknamed as the Big Cave, was created by water erosion. Almost every year, thousands of visitors would trail down to see the magnificent and unorthodox
display of stalactites and stalagmites. Historically, the cave also served as hiding place of Filipino soldiers and Guerillas during World War II. Prior to the War, this was also a habitat and eventually also became burial grounds for the Indigenous People of the Cordillera. However, due to looting grave robbers, we do not see any burial graves. During your visit, expect to have a guide. They will show you the different forms of the cave rocks where they give names such as "pig pens", "pregnant woman", "frog pool", "elephant formation", etc. Moving farther, you
can go down the steep rocks barefoot because the rocks are flat and rough enough. Upon arriving there, you'll be surprised because there is a waterfall and below it is a deep pool, and you can swim there.

How to get there:

Once you are in Sagada , get a guide at the Sagada Municipal Building. There are actually 4 main guides (one of them was the famous "Pereng", he guided four of us last March
2000 from Burial Cave to Sumaging Big Cave in about 4-5 hours of Cave Connection). Nobody is allowed to go to the cave without a guide and without registration. There has been some incident of a foreigner who went on a solo trip
and ended up not able to find his way back to the cave opening, he was found dead cold. Safety is the primary concern of the people in Sagada, so the guide cost is very much reasonable.


Guide fee: 250 PHP per person. Each 4-5 person will require a guide, depending upon the number of persons.
Additional Gas lamp is 50 PHP. Bring your own trail food. You can bring your camera, preferably waterproof. A camcorder will be useless unless you use it with care or you have sufficient lighting. Bring along a daypack that is
waterproof or put some plastic lining to protect your dry clothes. You will encounter some waist deep water inside, and is very much advisable to change clothing after you have returned up.

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