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SBMA Beaches
Town/City:  Subic SBMA
Province:  Zambales
14° 47.336N   120° 15.506E
Listed in Gallery:   Beach

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These three beaches around the Subic Base International Airport have very calm clear waters.
  With waves no higher than 6 inches all day long, the beaches offer good swimming
for all ages.

How to get there
From Manila, take the North Expressway and exit at San Fernando.  From the San
Fernando exit, head southwestward towards Olongapo City.  About 33km from San Fernando or
about 3km from the Bataan/Pampanga boundary, you will see the Layak junction. This junction
has a monument made of statues of soldiers at war.   Turn right at this junction
(northwest) and head for Olongapo City.
About 14km from the Layak junction, you will hit the junction that leads to SBMA.  
Turn left at this junction, this will take you through the nice, winding, uphill/downhill
roads of the SBMA Expressway/Tollway (about 8.5km) to the SBMA districts.
Soon as you hit the first major intersection at SBMA, follow the signs that lead to the Subic
Base International Airport (SBIA).  This should take you through the Argonaut Highway
and right alongside the airport runway.   A few meters after the airport control tower,
there will be an intersection.   Turn right (northwest) and barely 300 meters from the
intersection you will see Dungaree Beach on your left.  About 2km farther (around the
runway) is the All Hands Beach and about half a kilometer more is Officers Beach.

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