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Sariaya Mangrove Project
Town/City:  Sariaya
Province:  Quezon
13° 50.082N   121° 27.837E
Listed in Gallery:   Conservation Site

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Sariaya has approximately 15 hectares of mangrove forest along the coast of Tayabas Bay in the Barangay Bignay 2 and Barangay Manggalang Kiling area near the San Juan, Batangas coastal border. To expand it, the Local Government Unit, particularly the Municipal Agriculture Office Fisheries Department has institutionalized the planting of mangrove seedlings particularly in the Navotas River at Barangay Bignay 2 led by Mayor Rosauro Masilang and his family sometime in 2007. Since then, students in and out of Sariaya have been coming over to participate in the project in the name of saving and enhancing the mangrove coastal areas of Sariaya. The Sariaya LGU has purchased a big motor boat that is now being used to ferry the students to the mangrove planting sites, among other important tasks. It likewise serves as a patrol boat to help protect the coastal areas of Sariaya from the encroachment of unscrupulous and destructive illegal fishermen from other localities.

A sandy stretch of land near mangrove project in Barangay Bignay 2 is home to different species of tiny crabs which occasionally come out of their tiny holes and thus afford locals and visitors alike a crab watching treat as a leisurely pastime.

Another project of the Fisheries Department is the installation of Artificial Reefs made of concrete blocks along the area which upon documentation in less than a year showed that it has already boosted the marine life population in the area. There is a project proposal to document and do an inventory of the existing marine life in the Artificial Reef areas with an eye for effective conservation and rehabilitation, with the assistance of Waypoints, an environmentally-concerned group that includes expert licensed divers, a marine biologist and an undersea video expert among their members. It aims to really do something about the coastal environment of Sariaya’s Tayabas Bay coastline by hastening its rehabilitation which espouses comprehensive and beneficial conservation hand-in-hand with controlled tourism activities, like the planting of mangroves by students and well-meaning visitors. Such will be an effective means of educating people that they can do their share in preserving and enhancing our marine resources, which would definitely boost livelihood opportunities for the local residents who truly depend on the sea for their livelihood in the future.

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