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Saltahan Falls
Province:  Albay
13° 11.744N   124° 07.368E
Listed in Gallery:   Waterfalls

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Saltahan Falls, aside from offering cool water for a refreshing dip, is the source of irrigation water for the farms of the island municipality of Rapu-Rapu, Albay. A diversion weir built downstream of the falls directs the water to an irrigation canal by the left bank. During the summer months, the irrigation system renders the whole stretch further downstream dry.

The falls is composed of two cascades, with the upper one about 20 meters upstream. Due to the bend of the river, the upper cascade can only be seen after climbing the first cascade. True enough, the word ?saltahan? means a place to climb up.

How to get there?

The island municipality of Rapu-Rapu, Albay which also includes the nearby Batan Island can be reached by a three-hour boat ride from Legazpi Port. As of this writing, there are two scheduled boat trips daily. One leaving at 7:00AM and another at noon time. There are corresponding return trips from Rapu-rapu leaving at similar hours. The morning trip to Rapu-rapu stops-over to drop off and embark passengers at two or three locations in nearby Batan Island. Without going ashore, the boat transfers or receives passengers from smaller boats, which ferries the passengers to or from Batan. The noon time boat skips Batan and goes direct to Rapu-rapu. Rapu-rapu Port is a rock embankment type with a length of approximately 300 meters.

Saltahan Falls is only a 2km walk from Rapu-Rapu Port. The first kilometer going to Bariis (a community near the cemetery) may be covered by a ride on a pedicab (or the motorized tricycle which is very rare in the island).

Follow the road northwards from the pier and turn left at the road fronting the Rapu-rapu Central School. Then take the narrow road on the north side of the cemetery. After crossing a crudely made concrete bridge, you will reach the farthest point accessible to a tricycle which is in Bariis. From here, it branches into two concrete pathways. Take the pathway to the right as the starting point for the trek. If you are on a pedicab, you may ride further for another 400meters along this pathway, but the driver may have to walk and push, rather than crank his pedals. From hereon, follow the trail in a northwesterly direction. Following the river upstream, Saltahan Falls is not far away.

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