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Sayangan - Sagada Bike Trail
Province:  Mountain Province
16° 53.871N   120° 52.938E
Listed in Gallery:   Mountain Bike Trail

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The Baguio-Sagada MTN Bike trail is one of the most popular and heart pounding ride ever. One of its better rides (or one of the "shorter" course rides, the other one is the Baguio-Mt. Data MTB Trail and is also inside the Baguio
Sagada trail) is the trail in between: Sayangan-Sagada MTB Trail. (Sayangan is accessible by either Mountain Biking
from Baguio through Halsema highway via Trinidad, or by bus). This trail is applicable for the new and experts alike, but much caution and care should be taken during downhill. Even the best of bikers will have some fall in this unexpected trail. Fog and Rain will be a big factor so danger is not far unless extra precautions are always considered.

How to get there

This "short course" trail is actually spanning a 100+ KM length that starts not far from the Highest point of Halsema Highway. After a 30 KM run, the trail will start to ascent to Mt. Data vicinities. This is usually about 10+ KM up. Once you have reached a similarly flatter area at the top, a brief downhill will permit you to breeze through Mt. Data Hotel (Another "short trail" if you are coming from Baguio). After passing thourhg Mt. Data with
its distinctive cemented roads, everything will be downhill, with an assortment of paved and rock to the worse mountain-bike suspension damage can get. A non pedaling gravity-pulling downhill can accelerate you to a speed of more than 45 miles per hour. This downhill can eat more than 2-3 hours. There will some flat-less-than a km uphill
but prior to reaching the Sagada-Bontoc junction, a good flat terrain road will be very much enjoyable. From Sagada-Bontoc junction, another 12KM uphill climb is allocated in order to reach Sagada. These trail is basically best enjoyed within a span of 2 days if you will start from Baguio then rest at Mt. Data Hotel.

Additional Information:

Always be prepared for anything. Always bring extra tire interior and patches. Bring extra pair of brake pads. Disk brakes are very much an advantage on this trail but you need high quality brakes. Never invest on low quality brand disk brakes. Get a convoy vehicle as much as possible. This is not a no-nonsense trail. It may also be a road trail but everything you've learned will come out of adrenalin. The downhill will be very hard and shaky for non suspension bikes, but will be very much beneficial for uphill. Hard-tail mountain bikes are the most advantage
in this trail. So consider a front suspension with adjustable fork from slack to rigid conversion.

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