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Potipot Island
Province:  Zambales
15° 40.700N   119° 55.410E
Listed in Gallery:   Island Beach

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Potipot Island is located roughly 1 km from the mainland shore of Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales. Uacon is about 240+km from Manila by road.

Some of the attractions of Potipot Island are: its white sands that completely surround the whole island, the calm clear waters, its proximity to the mainland that allows visitors to reach the island in only 5 minutes by banca, the lush vegetation and trees that provide shade along the beach (and even on the water).

There are no resorts on the island. Visitors usually stay at the resorts on the mainland in Uacon where they hire bancas to take them to Potipot

How to get there
Uacon is about 46km north of Iba, the capital of Zambales.
From Manila, take the North Expressway and exit at San Fernando. From San Fernando, head southwestward all the way toward Olongapo City. Right before the city boundary of Olongapo, there is a bypass way via the Subic Base Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) which you may want to take to avoid passing through the city. Take this bypass road through SBMA and exit at its Kalaklan gate then head northwestward to Subic town, Castillejos, Sn Marcelino, up to the T-junction near San Narciso.
At the T-junction near San Narciso, turn right and head north through the towns of San Narciso, San Felipe, Cabangan, Botolan, up to Iba. From Iba, head for Masinloc then towards Candelaria. Do not enter Candelaria town proper. Instead, head straight, and continue along the National Road while keeping an eye for the signs that lead to Dawal Beach Resort in Uacon. Head for Dawal Beach resort.

There are a couple of other beach resorts in Uacon besides Dawal. They are just adjacent to each other. Dawal happens to be the popular one though and, actually, people in Candelaria and Masinloc refer to the Potipot Island area as "Dawal". You can plan on staying in Dawal or Isla Vista.
If you are planning to just head for the island directly and not stay on the resorts (as on a day trip), you can contact boatmen who hang around the beach near the resorts or at the fishing village several hundred meters north of Dawal and get a banca to the island. Rate for round trip is P300 per banca that could ferry up to 6 people.
Note: Potipot is also refered to as Putipot or Pulipo by other maps and references.

Waypoint narrative by: EPPGarcia 2003     follow EPPGarcia on Facebook

Additional narratives or blogs:
For those commuting, the best option is to take the 11:00 pm Victory Liner trip to Iba, from the Pasay terminal. This is the last trip for the day
pero pag marami pang pasahero they have one more bus that leaves at 11:15, pero hanggang Olongapo lang ito. Make bus reservations, kahit phone lang! Insist on it kasi hassle if you miss the last bus. Fare hanggang Iba is about P240. If you take the 11:15 bus, you can transfer sa 11pm bus pagdating ninyo sa Olongapo. The 11pm waits for the 11:15 before furthering on to Iba. From Iba, which you will be at around 5:00-5:30am, take the Victory Bus to Sta. Cruz. It will pass by Candelaria and the access road to
Dawal Beach Resort. Its a short walk from thereon. From Iba to Candelaria, bus fare is around P60. I said this is the best option because it allows one to be on the Island before 8:00 am...long before the weekend mob invades
the isle's serenity. But really, its a tiring 7-hour commute din pala! Now I understand why you said the distance between this and Capones matters, hehehe. (Going home, take any bus going to Olongapo and proceed to Olongapo
itself if you can't wait to get back to your own bed. Mas maraming Victory buses ang umaalis dun kaysa sa Iba.)

By: Jay_J 2004

I went to Potipot last June (2006). For those commuting, you can also take the bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. This way, you alight directly at Dawal. Buses are available at Victory Liner in Espa?a and Caloocan. Last bus leaves at 11 pm. Our trip only took 5 hours so we were there around 4 am. If you're leaving on a Friday night, make sure to buy tickets early in the morning as there are a lot of passengers and seats are scarce (or there's none at all) if you buy in the evening. Ask the bus conductor to drop you off at Dawal Beach Resort. There are 4 resorts to choose from: Dawal, Sun Bloom, The Harvest and Isla Vista. Aircon rooms are around 1000php a night. If you get to Dawal earlier than their check-in time (12 noon), you may need to pay extra (200php/hour). By the way, banca fare is now 400php roundtrip. Going home, tambay lang kayo sa highway and wait for a bus bound to Manila. If you don't plan on staying at any of the resorts, just bring a tent and your gears, go to Potipot and just arrange a pick-up in the morning. Enjoy! ^_^x

By: Meg_Camitoc 2006

I went there last easter sunday, (alone) the travel going to uacon candelaria was really faster now, it only took the bus (victory liner) 4 1/2 hours. we left caloocan at 12 MN, and i was there at 4:30AM. it was a still dark and all resorts was closed. good thing the guard at dawal, let me in and let me stay at the restaurant. by 5:30AM i went to the island (charge for the rent of the boat is around 400.00). I thought it was best to come there very early in the morning because the water is still crystal clear, because once the tourist starts to invade the island, parang dumudumi yung tubig, or maybe masyado lang madami yung tao that time...also i got concerned over the garbage problem dun sa island medyo dumadami na, i just hope visitors will responsible enough to take care of their own trash.

By: Jomz_quezon 2007

I went there last May 2007, My Recommendation for the best accommodation is Sun Bloom Resort for PHP 1,100 Per night on a room with 2 double sized bed and private toilet and bath Very clean and nice. Specially the manager Ate Mercy was very kind and will take good care of you while staying on their resort.
Contact # 09212113781

By: Moymoy 2007



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