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Pamulaklakin Forest Trail
Town/City:  Subic SBMA
Province:  Zambales
14° 48.336N   120° 19.815E
Listed in Gallery:   Hiking Trail

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Aeta-guided Forest Trail in Subic

Pamulaklakin Forest Trail offers 3 types of treks all with a native guide.

A mini jungle tour which is a 30 minute trek
The jungle trek which lasts anywhere from 2 to 3 hours depending on how frequent the group stops to listen to the guide lecture on the medicinal values of different trees found along the way and also to rest (this is the trek being featured here with the trail superimposed on google satellite picture)
Overnight jungle tour which involves trekking and sleeping in the forest. If this is your thing, don?t forget to bring your own tents and sleeping bags. If you don?t have these provisions, the guide will take your group to a point in the forest (farther than the usual trek) to build you some sort of bamboo hut where your group can spend the night.

Before each trek which consists of mostly ascents (pic1), descents (pics2 and 2a) and water crossings (pics3, 4 and 5), there is hunting dance performed by the aetas (pic6). After the trek, an aeta elder named Mang Casoy will conduct a short but entertaining seminar on jungle survival focusing on different ways of turning bamboo into eating and cooking utensils and also starting a fire (without a lighter or matches) using bamboo.
Before the trek we arranged with the staff of Pamulaklakin to have our rice (bought from Royal Subic and brought to the site) cooked using bamboos and served at the picnic area still within the confines of the forest. Upon our return from the jungle trek which took us almost 2 hours, we started our ?ihaw-ihaw? stuff consisting of hotdogs and beef (pic7).
A word of caution: Be sure to keep your eyes wide open as there are many snakes roaming around (pic8). Always stay with your group and follow your native guide.

How to get there:
For private vehicles, take The North Luzon Expressway all the way to San Fernando Exit and pass through Bacolor and Lubao. Upon reaching Layak Junction, turn right and go all the way to Tipo Junction. Turn left to take The Subic Bay Freeport Expressway. Toll fee is Php 21.00 as of writing. Go all the way until you reach the junction going to Binictican. Turn left and go all the way passing through the golf course. Be sure to follow the speed limits as there are golf carts crossing every now and then. Just continue on until you reach the Pamulaklakin Forest Trail entrance which is on the left side of the road.

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