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Pagsanjan Church
Town/City:  Pagsanjan
Province:  Laguna
14° 16.366N   121° 27.362E
Listed in Gallery:   Old Church

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You might see the church as one of the beads in a rosary. When you look at Laguna de Bay, it is surrounded by old churches on all sides, from Laguna to Rizal to Manila. The legacy of the Spaniards.

This particular church, is old but new. It was reconstructed as it was ravaged by the war. As such, it lost it's grandeur during the process. Most notably, the dome typical of Catholic churches. It does retains its charm. Having one of the longest aisle in this part of Laguna. This is one of the reasons couples wed here. Walking the aisle. The main altar was recently redone and now is similar in design to its original pre-war altar.

The church is dedicated to the town patroness, Our Lady of Guadalupe. The high altar's icon is the original one from pre-war. It was said to have been imported from Mexico, where the patroness first appeared.

A legend connected with the church is its bell. It once had a huge bell that when rung, it can be heard even at the neighboring town of Lumban and Sta. Cruz. The townsfolk decided it was not practical and tried to move it up river. But tragedy took place and the boat sank, taking with it the bell at the bend of the river. It was the deepest part, known as KawaKawa. Since then, the bell was never seen again.

The church is located at the heart of the town, near the municipal building and plaza. A triangular layout, you can see in most old towns. You wouldn't miss this.

Aside from the church, you can visit the central school sitting high atop the hill. You can have a panoramic view of the town. And then enjoy the day, bathing at the river. I suggest, at the junction known locally as Lagaslas, meaning river rapids. Its just at the outskirts of town.

Waypoint narrative by: Jessica 2007



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