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Pueblo El Salvador Park
Province:  Laguna
14° 15.499N   121° 30.078E

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I did not know it was possible to reach Pagsanjan Falls (which is actually in Cavinti) by foot down the ravine (and without those serious mountain climbing gears). Cost was P100 for the trail walk. For all the way to the falls, cost was P150 (which included a harness for safety, includes a free ride under the falls). Pay P500 if you don't want to climb back up the stairs, and just want to ride a boat down the river to pagsanjan on your way back.

Nice cemented walkway with metal handrails to the falls. After a couple of hundred-meter walk down the clean trail, you will climb down a steep (but safe) long series of metal stairs and ladders (assisted by ropes for safety), all the way down to the falls. You don't get wet so you can bring a small camera, but it's not advisable to carry a big backpack down, because you'll have to climb back up. Safe but very tiring on the legs (on your way up). Bring a small bottle of water (for the trail walk). Didn't find a mineral water store in the park. You may need an Alaxan tablet and a good leg massage afterwards.

Notice the stairs, they're safe but very tiring on the legs. At the end of that was a 90-degree vertical descent on an enclosed metal ladder (some 20ft) where you will be attached to a safety rope. You can feel the tension on the rope as you go down, so that your legs won't carry all your body weight. There were alternate stages of ladders, stairs, and trails, probably some 100meters-vertically down to pagsanjan falls (this needs to be verified again using a barometric altimeter). The tip for lazy couch potatoes like me, is to use your arms and upper body strength to pull yourself up to lighten the load on your legs. And you may need a pouch or a beltbag for a small water bottle, because you'll be needing both your hands free to hold on the ladder.

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