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Osmena Peak
Town/City:  Mantalungon
Province:  Cebu
09° 49.209N   123° 26.541E
Listed in Gallery:   Mountain Peak

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Osmena Peak is known to be the highest peak in the province and Island of Cebu. Base on actual GPS altitude, it stand approximately 1000 meters above sea level. Osmena peak is located in the vicinity area of Mantalungon, (a town that is around 700 to 800 meters and probably one of the highest towns in Cebu. Mantalungon has been known as the vegetable kingdom of Cebu. Its really unusual finding this town where you feel it was like an area in the Cordilleras were they have their trading post for vegetable dealers and townfolks and children are wearing jackets at high noon. Reminds me of Baguio City and La Trinidad).

Osmena Peak is uniquely different from any other mountain peaks in the Philippines. Multiple jagged hills, or quite simply known as the Mantalungon range, are grouped together overlooking and stretching as far as the Badian shorelines. Visually, it's similarly formed like the Chocolate hills of Bohol, but are thinner and sharper pointed peaks. Unlike the Famous Chocolate hills, the peaks are grouped almost near each other and are obviously formed from rocks that have survived through time. One of the highest jagged yet almost perfectly formed hill was named Osmena Peak in honor of the famous political Clan in Cebu. One can trek across the mountain ranges to get to Badian, practically cutting across the island of Cebu westward.

View from The peak: Northwest from the summit, you can view the Badian shorelines and the Badian Island. Northwest, the beaches of Moalboal: Panagsama whitesand shorelines, connects Badian. Southeast from the summit, you can see the remaining vegetable farms of Mantalungon.

How to get there:

Public Vehicle: From Cebu, make your way to Cebu City's Carbon market and inquire from the area where the terminal for Mantalungon mini-bus is located. The terminal is stationed near the gasoline station. From Cebu, the bus will travel until Mantalungon. From Mantalungon, make your way up to Osmena peak for a 1.5 hour hike.

The other alternative is to take the big buses stationed at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Look for buses travelling southwards to Oslob or Bato via Dalaguete and drop off at Dalaguete junction. Going back: You can either hike back to Mantalungon or hike down across the mountain ranges to Badian through Kawasan Falls. Hiking back to Mantalungon, you can catch up hourly buses back to Cebu.If you decided to hike down to Kawasan Falls, make your way from Kawasan Falls to the national highway near the shorelines of Badian. There are mini buses and big buses passing by every hour that will take you back to Cebu City.

Private Vehicle: From Cebu, make your way via South Cebu National highway until the town of Carcar. Instead of taking the right road for Badian through the mountain highway, make your way semi-round the Carcar rotunda to continue southeast until the town of Dalaguete. Reaching Dalaguete, take note of the the junction to your right which will lead you up to the mountains. You will not miss this junction as it is just after the bridge and the corners of the junction are populated with bakeries and habal-habals waiting for passengers (public utility motorbikes). I'm fascinated with Cebu province's cities and towns having the most bakery in every corner. Continue your up through the cemented road until the road starts to convert into fire and rough road. 4X4 vehicles are preferred, but tall 4x2 vehicles can manage up. The road winds up and around the mountains until you will feel the coolness of the area and be able to view the shorelines of Dalaguete. Road reaches up to Mantalungon. From Mantalungon, it will take you more than an hour to reach Osmena Peak. To save time, you can actually drive your vehicle until the jump off point nearest the foot of the ranges.

Suggested itinerary via Mantalungon:

1st Day:
12noon - Lunch time in Cebu
1:00 pm- Depart from Cebu, via bus to Mantalungon (Located near Carbon Market)
3:45 pm - Arrive at Dalaguete Junction road to Mantalungon
4:15 pm - Arrive at Mantalungon (775 meters). This start eastern route to Peak.
4:30 pm - Depart from Mantalungon to Osmena peak (hike)
5:30 pm - ETA at campsite, view Sunset at Osmena Peak summit (1044 meters)

2nd Day:
5:00 am - wake up call
5:30 am - Ascend to summit of Osmena Peak to view Sunrise
6:30 am - prepare breakfast, prepare packed lunch for Lunch along trail
9:00 am - break camp
10:00 am - Depart Osmena peak to Kawasan Falls in Badian via western route.
12:00 noon - Lunch along trail
4:00 pm - Arrive at Kawasan Falls in Badian


Extra Precautions must be taken into consideration in camping near Osmena Peak. There are multiple reports that hikers and climbers are deliberately being robbed at some point between midnight and the wee hours of the morning. The view maybe spectacular, but if you must hike and stay overnight, you have to prepare to take turns in guarding the campsite. As much as possible turn on your LED camp lights to simulate being awake. This area is actually near neighboring houses, so it can easily be accessed by locals in the area. Before leaving the jump-off, make sure to notify the local police in Mantalungon or in Dalaguete. It would also help if you can get the Cellphone number.

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