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Mt. Ugo
Province:  Benguet
16° 19.166N   120° 48.166E
Listed in Gallery:   Mountain Peak

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A Major peak in the mountainous Benguet and Nueva Vizacaya provinces. A PAL plane crashed on one of its
slopes, thus was discovered in 1987. Mountaineers who volunteered in the rescue operations were fascinated
by the adventure experience of exploring this mountain making it a part of their succeeding explorations.
Basically, there are few climbers who wanted to trail this Mountain. It will never happened that you can
finish the ascend in less than a day, will take you at least 2 days to reach the peak (that is the
minimum), but the hardship is very rewarding.
How to get there

Famous route used by mountaineers is the one via Itogon traversing Luzod
then to Domolpos, Nueva Viscaya, 3 trekking days.  Since there are a lot of
established trails used by the natives in the area, it is advisable to hire a guide.
 A guide can also point out other possible trails, whichever takes the fancy of the group
whether the group would like to take the short cut or the longer route passing through several villages.

Hire a jeep from Baguio that will take you to Tinungdan schoolhouse at Itogon, Benguet. Transit time will
be around 1 and a half-hour. Fee for the jeep is Php 600.00/trip. From the roadside, a few minutes trek
will take you to the monkey bridge near the schoolhouse. Take an early lunch and refill water before
heading for Luzod schoolhouse. Trail will be wider and lots of pine trees. Some pine trees that you will
see are burned by the villagers who spends the night on the trail. As soon as you see a small plateau, you
are near the village where the Luzod schoolhouse is. Ask permission if they will allow the use of the
schoolhouse for the overnight stay. There are enough water for everyone to take a bath that is if you can
withstand the freezing water. Temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius. There are two possible campsites:
one is at the summit and the other one is at the shoulder leading near the "helipad" (platform used by the
rescuers during the plane crash rescue operations). The best choice is the latter due to its spectacular
sunrise amidst cloud covered hills. On your way down, take the other route to Kayapa in Nueva Vizcaya.
There are two options in going to Kayapa, either go to Kayapa central or proper. The terrain is mostly
steep and the trail is soft clay with loose rocks going to Domolpos, this will take you an hour. Trek from
here is more exhausting if the sun is up because it is exposed. The next village is Indupit, around 2
hours trek.

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