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Mt. Sembrano
Province:  Rizal
14° 23.225N   121° 21.832E
Listed in Gallery:   Mountain Peak

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Mt. Sembrano is located in Barangay, Malaya, Pililia, Rizal it is surrounded on three sides by the Laguna Lake. It is classified as a level 2 moderate climb, the peak can be reached by a day?s hike from the registration
area (Barangay hall).

To get there from Manila. Ride a Jeep going to Tanay, Rizal at the Jeep Plaza (Jeepney terminal) in Edsa, Shaw crossing it will take you strait to Tanay Public Market(jeep Terminal) (fare is 48 pesos). At the Tanay jeep Terminal transfer to another jeep bound for Barangay, Malaya (fare is 17
pesos), tell the driver you will alight at the barangay hall.

At the barangay hall climbers are required to pay a registration fee of 10 pesos per person and a barangay contact number is given to all climbers in case of emergencies. The actual mountain itself according to the barangay officials is privately owned by
a rich Fil-Chinese businessman (we saw boundary markers (mojon) 300 meters from
the summit).

The trail under the forest canopy is made up slippery and sometimes-loose rock, utmost care must be taken. Two major accidents have been recorded one died and the other suffered a dislocated elbow.

Waypoint narrative by: Cesar_Modina 2007     follow Cesar_Modina on Facebook



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