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Marulas Coral Reef
Town/City:  San Juan
Province:  Batangas
13° 39.437N   121° 24.870E
Listed in Gallery:   Dive & Snorkeling Site

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This coral reef (or coral meadow as I would prefer to describe it because of its vast expanse), is located about 3.5km southeast of Laiya, offshore barangay Marulas.

Tourists and snorkelers go to this reef by hiring a boat through any of the resorts in Laiya. The boats or bancas then anchor over the sandy portions of the reef and people snorkel from the boat. The reef is barely 6 feet deep during low tides and it is so far the widest area of "unblasted" corals we saw in Luzon.

Waypoint narrative by: EPPGarcia 2006     follow EPPGarcia on Facebook

Additional narratives or blogs:
Sad news ... Typhoon Caloy which hit the Batangas area last May 2006 brought about great damage to this reef along with other reefs along the Laiya and Hugom coasts. Much corals were broken and washed out. May take a several months to a few years for the reef to grow back.

By: EPPGarcia 2006



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