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Molo Church
Province:  Iloilo
10° 41.852N   122° 32.667E
Listed in Gallery:   Old Church

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One of the most prominent landmarks in Iloilo City is the Church of St. Anne, which looms above the old Chinese district of Molo. Its towering gothic design distinguishes it from the typical baroque-influenced churches in the country. Inside, the beautiful wooden retablo provides the gothic focal point, with its rich tapestry of spires and niches crowned by pointed arches. The recently restored dome hints at the design?s Romanesque influences. Complimenting the gothic theme beautifully are the Corinthian columns running along the nave, each one hoisting an image of a female saint ? a unique feature among all the churches in the Philippines.

St. Anne Church is a short 10-minute drive or jeepney ride (take Oton/Arevalo bound jeeps) from Iloilo City proper.

Waypoint narrative by: Jay_J 2005     follow Jay_J on Facebook

Additional narratives or blogs:
The reason why this town is called "Molo" is because people used to seek refuge here during times of war. It was the Chinese district and everytime the Moros would arrive, they would yell out in warning "Moro! Moro!", but of course, the Chinese could not pronounce the 'r' and said "Molo" instead. That is why it's called Molo. This was told to me by a local, I'm not sure if it's true.

By: ninavera 2005



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