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Malapascua Island
Province:  Cebu
11° 20.149N   124° 06.943E
Listed in Gallery:   Island Beach

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Malapascua is an island located at the northern most part of Cebu. We hired a
car which took around 3 hours to get to Maya and from Maya a 30 minute boat
ride to Malapascua Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort.

The accommodations in the resort were very comfortable. The room we stayed in
was air-conditioned and the bathroom newly refurbished. There was even cable
TV which was a surprise for us. We also looked forward to our meals of fresh seafood.

Malapascua is often compared to Boracay and some say that it is how Boracay
was fifteen years ago. I do not agree since I consider Malapascua more of a
dive resort than a beach resort. The sand is not as fine and one must choose
where to swim to avoid small corals. The diving however was perfect.
Visibility was around 80 - 100 meters and marine life abundant. We even saw
two six-footer nurse sharks inside an underwater cave.

I highly recommend going to Malapascua if you are a diver but to non-divers
Boracay is still the place to go.

Waypoint narrative by: lrgalvez 2003     follow lrgalvez on Facebook



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