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Malabrigo Point Lighthouse
Town/City:  Lobo
Province:  Batangas
13° 35.922N   121° 15.751E
Listed in Gallery:   Lighthouse

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Faro de Punta de Malabrigo

The lighthouse is situated atop a cliff overlooking the Verde Island Passage. It is under the care of the Thomson Family under the Adopt a Lighthouse program. I have visited three other lighthouses so far, Cape Engano, Cape Bojeador, Cape Santiago and recently, Malabrigo. I found this beautiful structure to be the most well maintained amoung these old Spanish lighthouses.

In the late 1890s, the Spaniards made a decree to build lighthouses across major sea faring routes around the Philippines. Faro de Punta de Malabrigo was one of these lighthouses. Built in 1896 by Jose Garcia and designed by Guillermo Brockman, the lighthouse has been declared a historical landmark of our Spanish colonial era.

The upper portion of the lighthouse has been restored and is now a new structure. However, it uses the old cylindrical brick tower as its base. The spiral staircase is original and so are many of its steel ballusters and fences. It used to be powered by solar panels however, this is presently in disrepair. As a result, the main lighthouse batteries are not charged and may require full replacement.

Because of its ideal location, Malabrigos design is sprawling over a larger footprint. The lighthouse is readily accessible through the main Malabrigo, Batangas road which is unpaved and rocky. However, a vehicle can easily pass by. To get to the lighthouse, one must pass through the Batangas Star Tollway and exit at Batangas City. From there, there will be signs leading to Lobo. As you approach Malabrigo, you will note that the roads zigzag and become hilly. This is because you are passing through the Mount Lobo area.

The lighthouse is not only scenic but is picturesque. Visitors can also drive down the road around six kilometers and stop along the coast of Lobo several towns away from Malabrigo and enjoy the wide expanse of seascapes and high waves. These areas are most ideal for photography expeditions as there are many seascape subjects around. Please be wary about swimming in these waters because the waves are big and there is a good possibility of undertow.

As a closing note, should you decide to visit the Malabrigo lighthouse, please treat this historical landmark with great respect. Do not throw garbage, vandalize or steal any of its artifacts so everyone visiting this beautiful place can enjoy and appreciate it.

Waypoint narrative by: Fernando_Delos-Reyes 2009



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