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Mambajao Parola
Province:  Camiguin
09° 15.321N   124° 42.988E
Listed in Gallery:   Lighthouse

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I heard from locals that the original parola or lighthouse was made of stone, similar to those historical lighthouses all over the country. Politically motivated, a certain local official ordered the renovation of the old structure indicating that it maybe a serious safety concern incase earthquakes occur. As told by the locals, this official ordered the whole area covered lighthouse-tower high during the renovation and ordered to enforce curfew. People were prohibited to come close in that area during night time. Renovation, as the locals explained, was done during the night until the wee hours before sunrises. Several days later, when the cover was removed, the original stone structure was replaced by a metal Point Light Tower which you can see in the pictures. A park was also created beside it. Personally, I believe that there are numerous stone lighthouse around the island as Camiguin's history indicated that during the American Period, Mambajao town has some much history about how American supervised constructions completed in the area.

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