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Marine Base Ternate Beach
Town/City:  Ternate
Province:  Cavite
14° 16.004N   120° 37.694E
Listed in Gallery:   Beach

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This beach was formerly named Boracay de Cavite. The name was changed to Katungkulan Beach Resort. Katungkulan is Tagalog for duty. It is located at Ternate, Cavite or more precisely at Calumpang, Sapang 1, Ternate, Cavite.

The beach cove is part of a Marine Base (Marine, as in the Military Marines, not marine pertaining to the sea or ocean) where the Philippine Marines do their training.  But as many would not expect, the beach cove and beach facilities like rooms, picnic huts, tables, showers and parking are open to the public and anyone can go to this place any time 24/7. without special permits. Well, maybe as long as there are no alerts or security orders on that time.

As of this travelogue time, the following are the rates you would expect when going to this resort:

Entrance at the gate: 100 pesos per person.
Private rooms with 2 beds: 750 pesos for 12 hours
Picnic huts (roofed): 350 pesos per day

You can bring your own food, even your own griller (ihawan). There are no restos or food service.

The main gate of the Base is along the road going to Caylabne Bay Resort from Ternate. It is about 15 kms from the Ternate junction.  The beach itself is 5kms from the main gate. It is a downhill drive from the gate to the beach as the gate is at about 170 meters elevation going down to sea level. Nice road though, cutting through very lush vegetation. At times, visitors may even see monkeys crossing or playing on the road. Pretty much like the roads in SBMA

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