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Town/City:  Mabini
Province:  Batangas
13° 40.872N   120° 53.590E
Listed in Gallery:   Dive & Snorkeling Site

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Rated as a 4-star dive site by some dive websites and a favorite dive spot of seasoned divers, Minit is located at the southernmost point of Calumpan Peninsula (known as Cazador Point on the charts). Best dived on a flood tide, preferably during neap tides as currents can be very strong on other times and afternoon winds can make the surface choppy and then visibility drops. On a good day visibility can reach 80 ft. Maximum depth: 100 ft

Some rocks break the surface. A gradual set of boulders form mini drop offs from 16 ft to 100 ft plus. Due to the currents the marine life is plentiful and varied especially when the currents are running. It may be necessary to take shelter behind boulders when photographing when the currents run strong.
Whitetip reef sharks have been seen in a cave at 23 ft.
The site is near the shore and shore entry is an option if preferred.

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