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Magellans Cross
Town/City:  Cebu City
Province:  Cebu
10° 17.601N   123° 54.098E
Listed in Gallery:   Historical Site

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This spot was used to commemorate the cross, planted in April 14, 1521 by Ferdinand
Magellan when he first set foot on Cebu.  The historical marker says that Rajah Humabon
and his Queen, sons, daughters, together with some of their subject were baptized during
Magellan's expedition  (This was confusing as another story points to the year of the
baptism to happen in 1565 during Miguel Lopez de Legazpi's expedition, more than 40 years
Getting there:

Being located in the same vicinity, at least three famous landmarks can be toured on
foot: Fort San Pedro, Magellan's Cross and Basilica del Sto. Ni?o.  Historically, these
three are related to each other.

It is not difficult to find your way there.  From anywhere in Cebu, the easiest is to
take a taxi.  You may also ask the locals which jeepney will pass near the area.
 Jeepneys in Cebu are coded with a number and letter combination depending on the route.
 The locals would guide you about those jeepney numbers.  But as you may have difficulty
familiarizing those codes, the simpler way is for you to just read the route written on
the sides.  You are sure to reach your destination if you find "Magallanes" written on it.
 Or you may have a map on hand and find which street are near those landmarks and take a
jeepney with that street name written on its side.  If that route would not directly pass
by those landmarks, it is always fun to get off somewhere nearby and enjoy walking.
Wherever you get off, find either Osme?a Blvd..or Magallanes St. which are the two
streets flanking the Basilica.  Magellan's cross is situated just at the south gate of
the Basilica.  Walking southeast either at Magallanes St. or Osme?a Blvd toward the port area
and then through the pathways of Plaza Independencia will take you to Fort San Pedro.

If you can't speak Cebuano, I found that the locals are more comfortable answering if you
ask questions in English.

Waypoint narrative by: GBLontok 2002     follow GBLontok on Facebook



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