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Ligpo Critter Rock
Town/City:  Bauan
Province:  Batangas
13° 49.135N   120° 54.211E
Listed in Gallery:   Dive & Snorkeling Site

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We are naming this dive site Critter Rock
, well, for one, it does not seem to have any name yet, and, because of the many different creatures that you will find on, around, and in this relatively small bommie. The bommie is just about the size of a small delivery truck. It is located westward off the pier of Ligpo Beach Resort near Ligpo Island at a depth of 40ft.
Most interesting here is the abundance of a species of Dancing Shrimp - Rhynchocinetes durbanensis, as shown on one of the photos and the thick curtain of fishes (cardinalfishes) whose great numbers nearly cover the bommie.. The shrimps exist in large groups found in the small openings at the base of the mound. The curtain of fishes cover them and you may need to brush aside the fishes just to get see the shrimps. Divers should be cautious of the stinging hydroids though that are also in abundance in the area. Striped Catfishes hiding under the crevices here are the biggest we have seen so far. Banded Shrimps seem to also happily share the habitat. and Pipefishes and interesting Nudibranchs can be found as well

We take particular note on the stinging hydroids ... My daughter has an interesting observation ... where there are stinging hydroids, interesting marine life can also be found in the area ... hmmm, interesting.

Waypoint narrative by: EPPGarcia 2007     follow EPPGarcia on Facebook

Additional narratives or blogs:
Critter Rock revisited and studied
After several years from the time we first dove Critter Rock, we revisited this bommie to study it more in detail.We made measurements, took underwater navigational readings, triangulated its exacted location. We dove with conservationist divers and we were with marine biologist Homer Hernandez to take inventory of the creatures.
Data gathered:
The bommie is 8ft in height, with a perimeter of 85ft, depth of 45 ft at the deeper side, located 120 meters from the tip of ligpo beach pier bearing 215deg.
Biomass report: 49.4kg. please refer to above photo of biomass computation report.

By: EPPGarcia 2013

Selected YouTube video: Critter Rock
By: Mike Ajero



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