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Ligpo Cavern
Town/City:  Bauan
Province:  Batangas
13° 49.343N   120° 54.074E
Listed in Gallery:   Dive & Snorkeling Site

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A small underwater pass-through cave inhabited by lobsters

This dive spot goes by many names: Ligpo Cavern, Lobster Cavern, Shark Cave, etc. It is known for the numerous lobsters that dwell in this small pass-through cave.
The cave entrance is at about 27ft depth along the reef wall that drops to over 80ft. Its top exit opening is at just about 10ft amidst very lush area of soft corals. Divers usually do a boat dive and the boat usually just anchors right above the cave top.
A recommended dive plan is to back-roll from the boat, go down to the top opening of the cave, explore it then go down on the wall (westward) to the cave entrance, explore the cave then go down further the wall to about 60 or 70ft, head south-west (with the wall on your left side) then ascend back to the ledge and head back northeast towards the boat. The ledge has such beautiful soft corals (as shown in the photos). It is on a shallow depth, it offers what may be your most scenic safety stop.

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