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Mt. Kalisungan
Province:  Laguna
14° 08.790N   121° 20.683E
Listed in Gallery:   Mountain Peak

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If you just want to be alone in a mountain then Mt. Kalisungan is for you. The reason I said this is that this is one of the least popular climbing destinations south of Metro Manila.

To get there from Metro Manila, ride a bus going to Sta. Cruz Laguna (i.e. Greenstar Bus) at Buendia Ave. corner Taft Ave. , tell the conductor you will alight at Brgy. Masapang intersection the fare is 101.00 pesos/head.

Masapang intersection has a huge statue of a duck with an egg so you will never miss it. At the intersection take a tricycle to ERAIS farm the fare is 10.00 pesos/head.

At the ERAIS farm gate ask for Eric (the farm administrator) to register. He will brief you on the trail and he can assign a local guide if you choose to have one.

The peak can be reached with in 2 to 3 hours walk from the farm gate. The trail will pass inside the ERAIS farm then turns right to a coconut plantation then goes straight up the mountain.

At the peak the mountain offers a full 360-degree view of Laguna, and you can see the more popular mountains like Makiling, Banahaw, Sembrano, Talim , Malepunyo.

Waypoint narrative by: Cesar_Modina 2007     follow Cesar_Modina on Facebook



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