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Hacienda San Julio
Town/City:  Tanjay City
Province:  Negros Oriental
09° 31.402N   123° 06.138E

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Just a kilometer off the Strong Republic Nautical Highway, is one of Region-7?s Agri-Tourism highlights. Hacienda San Julio in Tanjay City is a sugar plantation open for tourists to learn where sugar comes from, and how the farm folk live (Watch Our Work).
Guests are greeted by serenading farm workers, and offered calamansi juice ? from calamansi grown on the farm, and sugar from sugarcanes ? definitely fruits of their labor.

A history of the Islands, the Sugar Industry, and the farm is given by a professional guide. The hacienda is owned by the MAPLE Agri. Corp. of the Mapa-Ledesma family, who are leaders in
the sugar industry. Their stewardship of the land and its workers has introduced community tourism as another means of livelihood.

A tour of the farm follows, allowing the visitor to see sugarcanes,
calamansi, pomelo and mango trees (depending on the season). Also depending on the season, the visitor can cut canes, taste its sweetness, pick fruits, have them weighed and priced for take home.

Visitors will be offered fresh coconut juice, and may opt to eat the young coconut meat. They may also try to ride a carabao. Or try their hand at abaca weaving. Abaca mats are made by the farm women to complement their income,
especially during offseason. A sample of
their products will be given as souvenirs.

Other activities may include: tira-tira making (tiratira, local candy from caramelized brown sugar, made
by cooling and pulling the candy, from ?tira? in Spanish meaning ?pull?); riding a rail cart across a bridge; visiting Carmen?s Closet, a dress shop that
makes smocked wear which are sold in stores in Makati and abroad; or a tour of a sugar-mill to see how the canes are milled to produce sugar ? a fitting
finale to this sweet tour.

A two-hour tour would include:
a welcome drink (calamansi juice)
a few sugarcanes for chewing
fresh coconuts
P100 worth of abaca products
Professional guide and use of vehicle
A four-hour tour would include the two-hour tour plus:
P100 worth of tira-tira candy
A visit to Carmen?s Closet
A whole day tour would include the four-hour tour plus:
A lunch, costing P150
A visit to a sugar mill and related areas
We also adjust the tour to suit the needs of the group. A tour for families or groups with children would include petting/feeding of animals, while more technical tours are available for
those who would appreciate it.

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