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Heli Reef
Town/City:  Mabini
Province:  Batangas
13° 43.500N   120° 52.940E
Note: The above coordinates were only calculated from a map; not actual reading; may not be accurate.
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This helicopter fuselage was sunk about 4 years ago to serve as both an artificial reef and a dive attraction. It is located just a few meters off the shore of Aquaventure Reef Club / Resort in Bagalangit, Mabini. It is currently at 80 feet depth, though it once slid down the reef slope to over 120 feet.

While the dive to the helicopter is considered interesting, nothing much can be seen around it though, just sand and silt. There is a sunken mini truck body a few meters towards the shallow. Dive is shore entry, surface swim towards the marker buoy, dive down straight to 80 ft, then to the shore.

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