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White Beach Puerto Galera
Province:  Oriental Mindoro
13° 30.369N   120° 54.220E
Listed in Gallery:   Beach

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How to get there:
From Manila, take a Batangas City bus, it should cost around more or less 127.50 pesos (that is the current fare price in Quezon City). The best way to go there is to commute, bringing a car would just cost you the parking fee at Batangas Pier. Trips to Batangas City leave as early as 3AM for Tritran in Quezon City. At the pier, there are a lot of trips going to Puerto Galera, the best way to go to White Beach is of course to take a boat that will bring you directly to the White Beach. M/B Brian has one of the earliest trips at 6AM, costing 120 pesos. There are boats leaving every 30 minutes to 1 hour. If there are no more trips directly to White Beach, you may take a ferry ride to the port of Puerto Galera, a place called Muelle. Ferry ride costs around the same of the boat rides to White Beach. From Muelle, you may ride a jeep or tricycle to White Beach which will cost around 30 to 50 pesos.


People will approach you as soon as you get down the boat and offer you places to stay. They will be your friend if you do not have reservations. Try to haggle as low as you can. Houses with two airconditioned room can
cost up to 4,000 pesos a day at peak season. Reasonable budget for peak season would be 500 pesos per person per night for airconditioned rooms, but you can actually get cheaper rates. Places near the beach may cost more because they are very accesible. Consider the distance of the place to stay to the beach and bars.

Bring cold cash as there are no ATM facilities in White Beach at the moment.

Haggle in everything that you will buy. Anklets can be obtained for as low as 10 pesos for 3 pieces. Souvenir shirts can be as low as a bit under 100 bucks. You can haggle on boat rides by asking them for free use of gears, if you will hire boats for to snorkle etc.

Have reservations for the boat ride back to Batangas a day before your scheduled trip.

White Beach is a place with very steep beaches, so beware, specially for people who do not know how to swim.

Waypoint narrative by: reden 2004

Additional narratives or blogs:
A Google search on Puerto Galera will guide you to the multitude of resorts in the area. We decided to go to White Beach and attached is the tracklogs of the trip. We drove from Manila to the Port of Batangas and parked the car there. There is ample parking space and we decided to park the cars right inside the pre-departure building rather than outside in the open parking area. It was a short forty minute ride on the boat to Puerto Galera. The boat took us almost at the doorstep of the place where we stayed, less than a hundred meter walk.

We went during the summer of 2007 and as expected the place was quite crowded. It is highly advisable to ensure that you have a confirmed reservation during the peak season. There were more of us who went than as what was planned and as a result we were packed tightly in the accommodations as there were no more extra available. Much of the crowd at White Beach are young and dynamic people and the young will certainly have good fun. If you want peace and quiet, the other beaches in the area may be more suitable. There is a good snorkeling area just a short boat ride (5.5 km N66E) of White Beach, which is also just off the beach coast.

By: Ben _Leano 2007



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