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Buruwisan Batya Lanzones Falls
Province:  Laguna
14° 26.500N   121° 28.500E
Note: The above coordinates were only calculated from a map; not actual reading; may not be accurate.
Listed in Gallery:   Waterfalls

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Buruwisan Falls, Batya - Batya Falls and Lanzones Falls
Famy, Sinoloan, Laguna

Buruwisan Falls, Batya - Batya Falls and Lanzones Falls can be found in Famy Sinoloan, Laguna. These are the three falls that can be found in the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges. Lanzones and Buruwisan Falls are near to each other while the Batya-Batya is in the other side. The water is very clear and very cold but for me Taytay falls in Majayjay is still the coldest of the all.

From the campsite going to Lanzones and Buruwisan Falls, it is a 15-20 mins hike. Going to Batya ? Batya Falls is very adventurous because you need to swim to be able to go there. It is not that deep.

How to get there

You have to options to go to Famy Sinoloan Laguna. First route is via Rizal province at the other side of Laguna de Bay and the other one is through south Luzon expressway. We may say that the two routes are almost the same in distance. If you?re not comfortable to travel for 2 hrs in a jeepney ride better take a bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna via Rizal Province route to Sinoloan, Laguna.

If you want to have a guaranteed seat better go to edsa central jeepney terminal in Crossing shaw blvd. It is near the 7-11 store. The fare is only Php 50.00 (as for Jan 10, 2004). The route would be Crossing → Ortigas → Rosario →Junction → Rizal (Binangonan, Angono, Taytay, Teresa, Tanay, Baras) → Sinoloan.

Via South Luzon Express way to Sinoloan Laguna

If u are living near Cubao, there is a JAM and HM transit terminal near the Victory liner terminal near the overpass. And if you are near Taft, you can just go to Gil Puyat station or Buendia; there is a JAM and HM transit terminal. Just take the bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. You have to ways to go to Sinoloan from Sta. Cruz. First you can just take the jeep from the bust terminal but if you want a guaranteed seat just ride a tricycle going to poblacion and tell the driver to drop you off to the terminal going to Sinoloan.

Sinloan town proper to Famy

You just take a tricycle ride from the poblacion going to the drop point. The fare is only ten pesos per head. Some of the drivers are greedy so be careful.


You don?t need to buy your food and water here in manila because you will be dropping off to the poblacion of Sinoloan. There is no cell phone signals, no shelter and no electricity on the campsite. There is only one toilet on the campsite and they do have stores. You can clean up yourself after the trek at the bathrooms provided by the barangay of Famy. Its ten pesos per head. Jeeps going back to Manila is open till 7:30pm. And the bus from Sta. Cruz going to Manila or Cubao is open till 8 - 8:30pm. But you can just ride a shuttle going to Alabang. Never go to this place when rainy season because the trek is very muddy and slippery.

Waypoint narrative by: FSA 2004

Additional narratives or blogs:
1. The town's name is spelled as Siniloan, coming from the root word silo (trap) which has been drawn from the legend of a wild boar which was supposedly trapped in the town ( na-silo, hence the name Siniloan).

2. One common misconception is that the falls are located in Famy, Laguna. The two towns, Famy and Siniloan are situated really near with each other as the former was once a small barrio of the latter. However, even though part of the road going to Buruwisan would cross to Famy, the area where the falls are located belongs to the jurisdiction of the town of Siniloan.

3. (The above narrative) made a distinction the Falls are located in Famy, Siniloan, Laguna. I guess you have made quite a good combination of the two as there are a lot of people getting confused with the location, however, as I have made it clear, Famy is a different town right beside Siniloan. The barangay where the falls are is situated in Barrio Macatad (sometimes called Tres which is promtly located 3 kilometers from the town proper). Hence, it should have been Brgy. Macatad, Siniloan, Laguna.

By: Anthony_Meriel_Garcia 2007

Those said Waterfalls are all found in Mt. Romelo Laguna or commonly known as Famy, Mt.Romelo is an ideal spot for fun climb specially for beginners. The trail is quite slippery during the rainy season so make sure to have a reliable footwear. Imagine 5 waterfalls in one destination! If you feel you wont be able to ascend or descend the mountain to see all 5 waterfalls there are horses for rent for 200 pesos to carry your gear or stuff, just ask the locals in the area. Always remember Preserve mother nature.

By: Moymoy 2007



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