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Cape Engano Lighthouse
Province:  Cagayan
18° 34.684N   122° 08.426E
Note: The above coordinates were only calculated from a map; not actual reading; may not be accurate.
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Was built by Spaniards in December of 1892 it has a Focal Plane 100m (327 Ft); white flash every 5 sec; 14.5 metres (47Ft) Octagonal cylindrical stone tower, has a U-shape structural formation. Located in the Northernmost part of Palaui Island San Vicente Cagayan.

The walls and beams are showing to be aged by years, the roof is totally gone, they say on the entrance or south part of the lighthouse there was flagpole. Cape Engaño sits on top of the mountains has a spectacular view, from the tower window in the southern part lies a white sand beach which houses magnificent corals and marine life to the north vast sea and the Dos Hermanas Islands in the east side you will see the ridge which is being battered by waves and strong winds, the locals say during September to January nights and days are windy and quite cold due to the Northeast Monsoon (hanging amihan) from Icy Siberia, China and Japan.

From the North Eastern side is the Pacific Ocean on the Northwestern side South China Sea.

Sad to say the lighthouse is already abandoned, nobody maintains the beautiful place like this, withered by storms, winds and nature quite amazing the lighthouse still stands up to present day.

How to get there

From Manila

Take a Florida Bus bound to Sta. Ana in their Sampaloc terminal. Fare is 710 as of November 10,2007 tell them to drop you off to their Terminal in the town of Sta. Ana Cagayan. From Sta. Ana Cagayan take a quadcycle ( Similar to Tricycle but has 4 wheels) Fare is 50 pesos tell the driver to drop you off the San Vicente Pier. From the Pier there is a Posted pump boat (Motorized Banca) which you can hire to directly to Cape Engaño or just take you to Palaui Island.

From Palaui Island you need pay a conservation fee to the local barangay 50 pesos for locals 200 for foreigners, then hire a local guide its up to you how much you will give but I suggest 500 would do, the from the Punta Verde Point Drop off it will take you 3.5 hours to trek going to Cape Engano for fast pacers, the landscape and view of the trail is already spectacular, lush green forest on the last parts of the trek, from the foot of the mountain there is a 230 steps till the in the middle part of the mountain.

What would be your adventure if you won’t spend a night in the lighthouse just make sure to brink your tent, blanket and lanterns or flashlights coz its pitch dark at night and scary.

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