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Danlagan Falls
Province:  Quezon
13° 58.855N   122° 21.097E
Listed in Gallery:   Waterfalls

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Danlagan Falls is not the name where this falls is known in the locality. The place is
more popularly referred to as "busay". However, the term is a common one for a falls of
this size. Finding that Danlagan is the name of the river where this waterfalls is within,
it is just appropriate that the falls be named Danlagan Falls.

The falls is a favorite laundry area among the local men and women. A picnic area was also
established within the land bordering the falls. A minimal fee is charged for the use of
the table and nipa shed. A mini irrigation system also used to tap the water uptream of
this waterfalls, but the poor soil condition in the canal system caused the canals to be

How to get there:

From Calauag town proper, proceed to the Sta. Maria railroad crossing. Motorized wooden
trolleys running over the railroad tracks colloquially called "skates" have a terminal
there. The term "skates" came up at a time when this contraption was not yet motorized and
the operator has to kick backwards to put the trolley in motion - as in roller skating.

Alternatively, you may proceed to the Sumulong crossing where the same railroad crosses the highway. At Sumulong, "skates" coming from the town proper (Sta.Maria) will also pass here or there are some which would start from here by waiting for passengers in this area.
From Sta. Maria to Sumulong is approximately 4.8km.

From Sumulong, ride the "skates" for the next 4.2km where you will reach Barangay
Danlagan Reserva, Guinayangan, Quezon. A landmark that is hard to miss is the Danlagan
Elementary School. The falls is easy to find by following the trail to your left when
facing the school. Follow the trail just outside the school fence. After about 170m walk,
find a concrete flume to your left.(a flume is a chute for conveying water over a natural
stream). This flume is no longer functional as the irrigation system no longer works.
Follow the trail beside the small creek running under this flume until you reach Danlagan
Falls or "busay". The sound of cascading water will also help you find the destination.

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