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Dahoyhoy Falls
Town/City:  Mauban
Province:  Quezon
(located in the vicinity of Mauban)
Listed in Gallery:   Waterfalls

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Dahoyhoy Falls, known to locals as Talon (tagalog name for waterfalls), is situated in the outskirts or Barangay Macasin Mauban, Quezon. The locals have cemented the basin of the falls to be able to catch and accumulate water which is ideal for bathing, they have cemented the left side of the falls which serves as a picnic table and place to pitch your tent. Waters of Dahoyhoy Falls is cold as it should be coming from the mountainous land of Quezon. Be careful to watch your step, rocks are very slippery specially near the falls, bathing is very ideal on the falls itself. Make sure to condition yourself not to eat a lot because there is no decent restroom in the area you would need to use the schrubs and bushes if nature calls. One last thing make sure to bring the following when going to this place OFF Lotion to keep those insects and mosquitos away, a light or lantern its pitch dark at night in case you would spend a night in the area.


From Metro Manila ride any bus bound to LUCENA Grand Terminal (From Kamias Jac Liner 190 Pesos) trip would take 3 hours if there is not much traffic so I suggest take the 6am-9am trips. From Lucena Grand Terminal Look for the Bus bound to Mauban Quezon via Mainit, there is only one bus lines to this destination which is NCR Lines fare is 50 Pesos tell the conductor to drop you off to Mauban Quezon’s Public Market. By the way it is only ordinary class, there is no airconditioned bus bound to Mauban . Anyways scenery is spectacular! Greenery everywhere. Upon reaching the Mauban Public Market alight the bus and ask the tricycle drivers to take you to Barangay Macasin near the hanging bridge its actually the jump off point to Dahoyhoy, or better yet ask the tricycle drivers about Rommel (a.k.a. Lawin) and Brian they were our guides when we went there. They are honest and very reliable guides. And they know most of the townspeople. If they are nowhere to be found you can proceed, from the jump off point you will pass by two hanging bridges the trail is actually easy there is a path leading to Dahoyhoy trek will take about 30 minutes. Along the trail you’ll pass by farmlands, shrubs, one of the best was the second Hanging bridge approx 40 meters long. Once near you will hear the falls itself. Make sure to have a good footing rocks near the falls are very slipper. Make sure to bring out what you bring in the falls. Leave no trace of any garbage to maintain the pristine beauty of the area.

Waypoint narrative by: Moymoy 2007     follow Moymoy on Facebook



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