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Danao City Church
Province:  Cebu
10° 31.226N   124° 01.737E
Listed in Gallery:   Old Church

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Sto. Thomas de Villanueva Parish (Danao City Church) Established in 1595

The church of Danao was constructed in 1755 by Fr. Manuel de Santa Barbara, and was made up of materials from sugar cane and rocks from the sea. The crucero of the church was built in the 1800's. However, it suffered a partial destruction (was burned in 1942) during the World War II. Religious items and other important materials were also burned. From the original construction materials of the church, only the solid stones were spared from the fire. It was reconstructed in 1946. In 1981, the building underwent another renovation, this time almost a complete overhaul (only 30% of the original stands). The renovation was completed in 1985.

Very interesting about this church are the bells, which are named according to saints. The San Alipio bell, cast in 1845 and weighing 45 kilos, is the oldest. Two others, cast in 1917 were added and these were the Villanueva bell (630 kilos) and the Sagrado Corazon bell (249 kilos).

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