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Cornerstone Pottery Farm
Town/City:  Silang
Province:  Cavite
14° 11.690N   120° 57.016E
Listed in Gallery:   Point of Interest
Artist's Workshop

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Remember your New Year's resolutions?
Was one of them "to learn something new"?

Why not try your hand at pottery making. Though it is an ancient craft, it just might ignite something new in you.

Waypoint narrative by: Cornerstone 2013     follow Cornerstone on Facebook

Additional narratives or blogs:
Tucked away in the lush hills of Silang Cavite, husband and wife team Eva and EJ Espiritu run their pottery workshop. Their idyllic setting is a happy confluence of earth and water, shape and texture, time and temperature.

EJ is a ceramic engineer and gives Eva the technical support for her artistry. Together they give classes, workshops and produce studio-quality ceramic items in commercial quantities. Their use of eco-friendly materials and methods distinguish them from their counterparts.

Time seems to stand still and you check if you are still breathing, as you watch EJ ease his lump of clay to something that looks ready to fly! You’ll learn something new about yourself at the potter’s wheel. Let EJ and Eva show you how.

By: ChachaVG 2013

Selected YouTube video: Listed2 Ep8 Pottery



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