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Town/City:  Cavite City
Province:  Cavite
14° 22.886N   120° 35.536E
Listed in Gallery:   Historical Site

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How to get there and around.

The easiest and fastest way to get there is by super ferry found on the harbor side of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. At present they offer tour packages for both whole day or overnight. Only one ferry boat goes to Corregidor and it leaves Manila at 8a.m. then it leaves Corregidor at 2:30. Travel time takes about 1hr & 15 min.

Before going to Corregidor, it is advised to visit the Corregidor Foundation found at the 2nd floor of the Department of Tourism. or you may call 524-7141. In there, ask for a brochure/map of Corregidor. Any questions on accomodations and facilities may be asked in the office.

Camping is possible in Corregidor. Just take the Ferry and pay P450 (one way) and as you reach the corregidor, just go to the information office and pay P30 per head per night. Camping ground is at the south harbor beach. Facilities include showerm, CR, and barbeque station. As for meals, a budget of P100 should be enough to cover a meal at Mc Arthur's Cafe.

You can also pay P65 per head and get a standard tour around the area. The tour package takes you through the ruins of Corregidor, several batteries, War Memorial Park, Japanese Memorial Park, Filipino Memorial Park, the Eternal Flame, Lighthouse and also an aviary. An additional P150 if you wish to go through the light and sound show of Malinta Tunnel which takes about 30 min. If you're overnighting at the "Rock" and have time to spare, go to the Corregidor Hotel and inquire on visiting the laterals of the Malinta Tunnel. For P50, you get the opportunity to walk through the whole Malinta Tunnel.

In case you do not wish to wait for the 2:30pm ferry from Corregidor to Manila, you can always make arrangements at the information office to rent a bangka to Villa Carmen (30-45 min ride) and then either take a bus to Orion to get to the ferry boat that leaves more frequently to Manila (45 min from Orion to Manila) or take the bus straight to Manila (ETA 3hrs without traffic)

Corregidor is definitely a historical site worth visiting...

Waypoint narrative by: Ronald Tanco 2004

Additional narratives or blogs:
"The Rock" located in the mouth of Manila Bay. There is lot of World War II ruins

How to get there:
Take a jetboat trip from Manila Bay. There are few travel companies near Cultural Center
of Philippines, which offer daytrip to the island, including guided tour.

By: Pasi Kauppi 2003



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