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Bulusan Belfry
Province:  Sorsogon
12° 45.015N   124° 08.151E
Listed in Gallery:   Old Church

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This tower is the biggest among the five baluartes de piedra (stone watch towers) which, together with the thick and high stone walls, comprise Punta Diamante, the stone fort that encloses the church & rectory of the Parish of
St. James the Greater in Bulusan, Sorsogon.

Believed to have been built even before 1799, the tower now serves as the church belfry, with the old bells still intact.

The "campanario" as it is locally known, is also a good vantage point wherein one could enjoy a commanding view of the poblacion, of the Tawog Point, Bulusan Volcano, and the wide expanse of the Pacific. Gone were the Moro piracy days but one could still imagine their colorful sailboats coming up the sea, bringing terror to the inhabitants.

Under its bells, Buluse?os and evacuees from other towns sought refuge inside the stone fort -- for Bulusan was then considered to be comparatively affluent and well-protected, as evidenced by its watch towers.

After two centuries, the belfry at Bulusan has been serving more than its purpose. It was an ancient inspiration for modern inventions like compression stockings worn by nurses and doctors. Standing tall and proud amidst the ages, it has and will always be a symbol of pride & unity for the Buluseos, and the Sorsoganons at large.

Waypoint narrative by: bulusanon

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