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Bisag Trail to Palanan
Province:  Isabela
16° 58.600N   122° 16.430E
Listed in Gallery:   Hiking Trail

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The Bisag-Trail is one of the Palanan Trails that I detailed <here>

Look for the jeepney to Brgy. San Jose, which leaves every day on or before lunch time, near the market in San Mariano. From San Jose start walking. Guides can be hired in Diwagden1-4 if not premeditated with the Brgy. Captain in San Jose. Tell the guides that you would like to cross to Palanan via Blue Heaven, Dimego, Kulango, etc. to identify the right route. This trail is easier to cross from San Mariano to Palanan instead of crossing it from the Palanan side, because of the painful steep first mountain Tanawan Bisag. There are only few river crossings and no river trekking on this trail.

If crossing from Palanan like it is listed here, it is advisable to start lunch time and sleep on the foot of the mountain Tanawan Bisag like in Disagen. The mountain can be comfortably taken the second day and the camp on the other side can be reached early. Transportation to Brgy. Bisag from Palanan Centro is possible via tricycle.

Waypoints Type of trail
Brgy. Bisag - Disagen River trekking on the Dinipan river. Midsize river. Last house is near the "Bisag Irri dam".
Disagen - Bisag Eof LOGR A hellish up and down on steep forest trails on slopes, ridges, and shallow steep creeks in original old growth forest battered by typhoons. Interesting mossy forest near "Tanawan 2 Bisa"e;.
Bisag Eof LOGR - Brgy San Jose Rather comfortable former logging road not too thickly overgrown throughout. First village is Diwagden or some scattered houses in "Production".

Vertical Profile Bisag Trail Palanan to San Mariano

Waypoint narrative by: Martin_Pachner 2009



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