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Boracay Island
Province:  Aklan
11° 57.519N   121° 55.511E
Listed in Gallery:   Island Beach

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Beach Capital of the Philippines

Boracay, a 7km long island with about 3.5km stretch of white beach is
located only 2km north off the mainland of Panay.  When we say "white beach"
here, we mean it.  The beach is so white, it will make you squint when you
walk on it on a sunny day.  Its whiteness and texture is said to be found
nowhere else.
Since the early 80's Boracay has been called "paradise" by most, if not all
who have seen the island.  Especially way back then, when Boracay was just a
newly discovered tourist destination, there were practically no commercial establishments
on the entire island, no electriciy, no city lights, no cars, no noise, no discos,
no modern equipments ... just peace and quiet ... no wonder it was called paradise.
 Now, twenty years later, hotels, restaurants, and various resorts with various
amenities have sprouted along the beach making Boracay more tourist-friendly.
How to go there
The fastest way to Boracay is to go to Caticlan via plane from Manila. Then
take a tricycle from the airport to the boat "pier" where boats can take you to
Boracay.  But it may be best to get package tours from Manila which would take
care of everything from Manila to airport to boat to hotel and back.

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