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Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
Town/City:  Bolinao
Province:  Pangasinan
16° 18.434N   119° 47.146E
Listed in Gallery:   Lighthouse

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2nd tallest lighthouse in the Philippines

How to get there

The lighthouse is roughly 375 kilometers away from Manila and is located in Patar,Bolinao,Pangasinan.
From Manila, exit at Dau and it's best that you take the Concepcion-Mabalacat diversion road to avoid traffic.Go straight towards Tarlac City and turn left when you reach the Victory Liner Terminal. This is another diversion road passing through Camiling,Tarlac and many towns of Pangasinan. Passing through this road takes roughly 2-3 hours depending on the time of travel.

One is quite near upon passing through the town of Sual and then Alaminos..Bypass the town of Alaminos and head straight for Bani. From Bani, turn right and approximate 20 kilometers away are the markers for the town of Bolinao.

A few meters away before the town proper of Bolinao, you will see a red sign of the left side of the road saying "Carmack". Turn left there and go straight. Here, you will see a good number of resorts. The first barangay is Ilog Malinona and you just need to get going until you see the arch of Patar.

From that arch, it takes roughly 5 minutes and/or another 5 kilometers. A few kilometers before you reach the lighthouse, half of it is invisible so you're not going to miss it.

Cars can come inside the compound and there is a breaktaking view of the Lingayen gulf where the water breaks.

The road from the highway going to the lighthouse is roughly 20 kilometers and takes about 15-20 minutes.A big part of the road is cemented though some parts still have potholes.

Waypoint narrative by: April_Salvanera 2008



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