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Blanco Family Museum
Town/City:  Angono
Province:  Rizal
14° 31.525N   121° 08.958E
Listed in Gallery:   Artist's Workshop
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The celebrated Blanco Family of painters has its own museum along a simple unassuming road in Angono belying the extraordianry collection of paintings Jose "Pitok" V. Blanco his wife and 7 children have produced through the years.

The museum documents the progression of skill the Blanco children acquired under their father's tutelage highlighted by Mr. Blanco's own masterful work. One is struck by the photo-realism of their body of work: the painstaking textural strokes that capture grass blowing in the wind; the growth pattern of carabao hair; the mysterious play of light on water; the flash of iridescence of bird feathers. Impeccable detail, dramatic lighting reminiscent of a Rembrandt, flawless composition and plain old stamina for the sheer size of some of the canvasses all contribute to achieving depth, mood and message. Nothing is stylized. There is no gimmickry here, just the honest portrayal of the humble life exalted through the consistent use of all-Filipino themes of family, friendship, bayanihan among neighbors and love of country pervading the work.

All in all, one comes away from the museum at the very least inspired to similarly take to brush and paint, at most feeling proud to be Filipino. Pitok, the son of a fisherman and prodigy of National Artist Botong Francisco, through hard work and discipline made international fame, ensuring a legacy of art all the while keeping his feet on native soil.

Museum Hours: 9-11am, 1-5pm everyday.
Museum tours guided by curator Rommel Perez.

Blanco Art School just accross the street.

Waypoint narrative by: ChachaVG 2004



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